mainly music


mainly music at Albany Presbyterian Church is run by a group of volunteers who love to see the pleasure that music and community bring to the families of young children. Through music and morning tea friendships are formed for both the “big” kids and “little kids”. Laughter and smiles of the families attending is the best reward that can be offered!

The aim of mainly music is to provide an environment where young children develop skills to enhance their early education, through the use of music, rhythm, rhyme, and other music-related activities with the participation of a parent or primary caregiver.


  • Wednesdays at 9.30am
  • $4 per family per session


Contact Tracey Johnson 09 479 2349 or 021 993362

Upcoming special events:
We celebrate Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day as well as some special theme days during the year.

A bit about the session
Each week, parents and caregivers bring their children for a 30-40 minute session of music, rhyme, movement, listening and more. We encourage adults to fully engage in the session with their children as it encourages the children to join in with the actions and singing. We have a variety of resources including instruments (bells, shakers, drums and woodblocks), parachutes, small bean bags for tossing around, balls, soft toys and rainbow ribbons to name a few.

After the session, morning tea is served. The children enjoy a snack followed by play time, which helps the children develop their social skills. It also gives adults a chance to meet and develop friendships.