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Comprehensive History of Albany Presbyterian Church

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Summarised version

Rev David Bruce, a Scottish Presbyterian minister, came to Auckland in 1853 to be the minister of the Presbyterian Church in Auckland, later named St Andrews in Symonds Street. He was responsible for opening a number of other churches further afield. In 1858 he bought 6 acres in Lucas Creek (later known as Albany).

About 1865, a small building was built on his land by members of the “Presbyterian Congregation”. It was used as a church, Sunday School hall, meeting place etc. It was also used to house the first school in Albany. In 1906 a new interdenominational church was built, the money being raised by public subscription, concerts etc. Over the years several additions were made, a small room at the back for a vestry, a porch at the front, and a larger annex at the side.


This church was part of a larger parish and was used for Presbyterian worship until it was completely demolished by a tornado on 21 April 1991. All that remained intact was the small organ and two or three pews which were stolen in the hours after the tornado struck.

The church then met in a temporary building that was transferred to the site from the Albany Training Ski Slope in 1995. Ten years after the tornado the present Albany Presbyterian Church (below) was completed and dedicated in July 2001 and the temporary church building became an ancillary building which now holds the lounge, kitchen and Sunday School rooms.

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With a permanent place of worship the Albany Presbyterian Church family has continued to grow and can offer a ministry of welcome, spiritual companionship and pastoral support for those who seek healing.